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Applying Fertilizer

Applying Fertilizer Articles

Applying Fertilizer Videos

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  • Hungry Rabbits! Help!

    ...me good spay bottle recipes out there that can be applied directly on the vegetation and it will keep these pesky rodents at bay. Does anyone have… More

  • avocado....

    "The avocado tree (Persea americana), when grown by a hobby gardener is normally grown from seeds removed from ripened fruit. There are two acceptable methods of doing this, either by sprouting the seed in water or by actually planting the seed in soil. Many people start avocado trees as novelty… More


    I am not sure the exact name of the grapefruit variety. I know it isn't Ruby Red. It's skin when ripe is yellow on the outside and the inside is white. It is now producing fruit for me, but it seems that all the new leaves look wilted and weak.… More

  • HELP!

    ... and cried but it still remains half dead. I have applied triple 16. It helped green up the part of the lawn that has started to grow but it… More

  • crab grass

    I bought a pre emergent for the crab grass in my yard and today I read somewhere it was too late to apply it. Can any one give some advise on this? More

  • Making Your Lawn GREEN!!!

    If anyone is having trouble with a lawn that just won't green up, try this. Go to a good nursery and pick up a bottle of liquid iron. (It has to be liquid) Ortho used to make it but it is available under different brands. You must wait till Memorial… More


    I am looking for a sunblock to apply to leaves to stop or reduce photosynthesis. Yes, it's opposite of the norm but it's part of a research project. This could also be a dust or anything which might protect plants from insects. Thank you More

  • Tomato blight?

    Which one? Most are fungal, If you not organic apply daconil every 2 weeks after plant our for maximum coverage. Sprinkling some food grade cornmeal is about 90% effective for early blight More

  • zoysia

    You can use a brush to apply glyphosate(round-up) to the zoysia, but to keep it out permanently, you're gonna need some kind of border to stop the creeping stolons and rhizomes from entering the bed. More

  • rodes leaves have brown spots

    ...has had this for several years i apply some minor fertilizers. Any ideas ? Plant is otherwise healthy. Old growth would like to keep. I can post photo later. Thanks More

  • garden mulch

    ...but can contain any lawn waste.Do I need to apply fertilizer along with this mulch? More

  • Take All Root Rot

    Anyone heard of this? Just found it online and I think this might be part of my lawn problem. Or rather no lawn problem. It is caused by the fungus 'Gaeumannomyces graminis va. graminis',identified in several Mississippi counties during the summer/fall of 1998. But also found in other southern states… More

  • Can someone PLEASE help me with my grass???????

    ...r soil's Ph. If your professional lawn service is applying lime randomly without testing the soil first, I would find another service. More


    My 8 yr old Carrie mango tree was hit hard back in 2004 by two hurricanes. One of the largest branches was ripped right off! It produced over 50 mangos each year from 2002 up to that point. The tree gave me 2 or 3 mangos the next year and… More

  • Backyard habitat

    I was online last wk. and I am applying to be certified as a backyard habitat , from the National wildlife federation. Has any of U seen that show on Animal Plante ?? Well , U can go online and apply to be certified. Just fill out a form and… More

  • Question about stonecrop?

    I guess I need to do some more research. I want to plant possibly a stonecrop in a shade garden. I want to plant them in the crevices of some cinder blocks that border the shade garden. If stonecrop is not a good choice, can anyone suggest something better. Thanks!… More

  • bat and horse manure as subs for fertilizers

    Since fertilizer prices are soaring here in Cebu city nowadays,and organic fertilizers are not so effective when used,i decided to use BAT AND HORSE MANURE for fertilizer in my garden. What you think? I need help on how to apply these fertilizers manure in my garden.I need proportions on my… More

  • safety of grass clippings from fertilized yard

    ...ippings from my yard that has had weed & feed fertilizer applied to it into the compost pile if the intended use of the compost is for a vegetable garden? More

  • Cold Sensitivity in Bromeliads

    Cold Sensitivity in Bromeliads Bromeliads are suprisingly hardy. Most people think of them as being tropical plants which are unable to be grown outdoors in most areas of the Southern United States and other temperate countries of the world. In fact, many bromeliads can survive frosts of 19 degrees F.… More

  • Pepper leaves look bad

    This is the first time I've seen this on my pepper plants. Im not sure if it is fungus or insects..Here are some pics of the leaves I pulled off. It's much worse on the red pepper plant, but the jalapeno has a few leaves with similar damage. I've been… More