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Annual Plants & Flowers

Annual Plants & Flowers Articles

Annual Plants & Flowers Videos

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  • What's your favorite annual fruit/veggie to grow?

    I voted for zucchini/yellow squash. It's so easy to grow, fast to set fruit, and produces in such abundance for a relatively small space. My second favorite is probably green beans for the same reasons. My pole beans last year kept producing well into late summer, maybe early fall. I've… More

  • Greenwood SC Festival of Flowers (Park Seed sale, too)

    The annual Greenwood SC Festival of flowers is coming up next month...which means the Park Seed annual sale will be going on, too. Here is the link to the schedule for those who might be interested: http://www.scfestivalofflowers.org/ It's great fun and there is lots to do! The prices at Park… More

  • very tall plant with yellow spike of flowers

    Anyone know what this is, many of you do I am sure. Appears along highway roadsides and the like. Popped up in my front yard and I have spared it and allowed it to grow without weeding it out, and though it has that weedy appearance, the huge furry leaves… More

  • (NEW).......Please Identify these 3 plants

    ...s plant#1 is annual, plant # 2 & 3 are indoor plants. Please tell me the names of these so that i could get details. More

  • Some not so wild flowers this time

    ...nical garden is working hard to get ready for the annual onslaught, but a few areas are already in bloom. The weather today said I had to go by on the way home just to see what was available. Mid 70s, very dry, clear sky......heck, with weather like… More

  • Natural rabbit and squirrel deterents?

    ...most frustrating thig is they didn't even eat the plants. We… More

  • don't know what it is

    ... on long stems. What is it and is it perennial or annual? Thankyou More

  • ? re: Cuphea Llavea, please!

    ...ust bought a large Cuphea llavea. It says it's an annual and likes full sun. I'm just a newbie when it comes to plants and flowers, so bear with me! lol. My plant is, or should I say, was pretty until I brought it home. It's looking all… More

  • Coffee Grounds in flower pots

    ...is okay to put coffee grounds into the soil of my annual flower pots? What do you think? More

  • anybody here grow mexican sunflower?

    ...wer, Tithonia rotundifolia, is one of my favorite annuals. it grows quickly and flowers within a month or so of planting the seeds. the big bright orange and yellow flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies better than any other flower i've seen. if you're looking for a large, fast growing,… More

  • Malva Zebrina

    ...va 'Zebrina' is a popular heirloom with pale pink flowers striped purple. It blooms the first year from seed,… More

  • Deadheading Annual Salvia

    This is my first year growing annual salvia and they're beginning to fade. Should I deadhead them or just leave the spikes? You can't snip them as they fade, since they open from the bottom up. Do I just snip the whole spike off once it fades? They're all fading… More

  • 'wintering' plants

    Hi everyone, In the late fall, I would like to dig up and pot my purple fountain grass, it won`t winter here in NW Lower Michigan. Do I just do that and put it in the basement and forget about it `til spring? Or water it every few weeks? Or… More

  • Perennial used as Annual??

    Perennial used as an annual--what in the world does that mean??? Do you kill it off after one year?? It gets even more confusing (to me anyway ;) ) when it says it's a hardy perennial, but a half-hardy annual. So, does the frost kill it, or doesn't it?? In… More

  • This annual was mis labeled, please help id.

    ...nd have enjoyed it so much that I let some of the flowers go to seed. When I pulled up the ID tag I noticed it was not labeled correctly. The label was "Sunshine Yellow Dimorphotheca" with 3" blooms. My plant has bright… More

  • Annual Plant Sale!

    ...0+ acre Arboretum down the street is having thier annual plant sale today : ) What's great about this one is that they pretty much focus on plants that are specifically for my area (deer resistant and shade/woodland) and they have horticulturists advising for free. I can't wait to… More

  • so what plants are these?

    ...t.edu/scott/weed_id/comco.htm But it says it's an annual and I didn't plant that. (the flowers were gone today but I have seen them) The second one, is that a tree that's starting or what? More

  • Flowers in the shade

    ... that's fourished is Impatients. Any ideas for an annual that flowers in the shade? More

  • Leaves turn dark (reddish) on annual transplants.

    ..., the leaves will turn a dark burgundy color. The plants seem to go into shock and will not… More

  • Need advice on shade loving plants

    ...t yard has lots and lots of colorful flowers both annual and perennial each spring and summer. Most of my front yard receives no direct sunlight. So I am looking for ideas… More

  • Four o'clock plants. Mirabilis multiflora.

    ...en. http://xrl.us/qppi This display is about four plants. 14 August 2006. Zone 5. Four o'clock plants. Mirabilis multiflora. This plant is easy to grow, just pop the seeds into the ground when it is warm. It flowers in late afternoon and… More

  • Is Caladium an Annual??

    ...re? But the big box store (HD) is selling them as annuals? I'm in zone 8b. I was thinking they would look great under my tree but I didn't think I would have to replace them every year. Allison More

  • Leaves turn dark (reddish) on annual transplants.

    ..., the leaves will turn a dark burgundy color. The plants seem to go into shock and will not… More

  • Annual ID please

    ...found an old packet of seed in the shed labelled "annuals". I sowed them and these plants came up and flowered beautifully. The only thing is, I don't have a clue as to what they are, as I've never grown them before. Any help will be greatly appreciated:) It's… More