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  • rotting aloe vera

    My aunt gave me a cutting from one of her aloe plants about a year ago, it has grown a little but it never really seemed to take root, and today I noticed that base of the plant was mushy and rotten. I thought that I might have over watered… More

  • Help my aloe!

    I was given an aloe plant by friends last summer. It lived on my apartment balcony thorough the end of summer and inside over the winter. I just put it outside the other day and it frosted 2 nights later. Now it's leaves are curling into itself and i've cut… More

  • Help Needed Aloe Plant

    HI, just joined and I need some advice on my Aloe plant it has 7 steems new one starting in the centre the problem is two of the outer leaves is horizontaly I fertilized it a month ago it gets sunlight very healthy looking but I can not figure out… More

  • Please help me identify this Aloe!

    Hello everyone! I've had this wonderful Aloe (i'm pretty sure its an Aloe anyway) for about 5 years, it has been repotted once only and watered minimally.. Suddenly this year it has developed this beautiful flower-like spurt front the centre of the plant. From what I have seen in my… More

  • yucca/aloe like plant help id

    ...o id a plant that the base looks somewhat like an aloe, but the sword-shaped leaves are not turgid and they bend over to create an upside down bowl shape. For the first time in 3 years, it send up a tall straight shoot that is bearing yucca-like… More

  • what type of aloe is this?

    ok so i was lookin fer aloevera have been fer awhile actually well i found something at trader joes just "assorted succulents" theres a traderjoes paper bag behind it for scale (the same size as a pick-n-save paper bag or about same as woodmansor roundys or the re-usable fabric bags… More

  • mosquito bite helper stuff

    ... is said to help with like mosquito bites i think aloe should but i have none here i grabbed the petals from 2 pink roses an the hips-up of 5 roses--all are pink-- i have some peppermint/spearamint leaves im gonna add some… More

  • All my succulents in a nut shell.

    ...at I started last year. The second one is my mama aloe. Can you see the plant in this photo? I believe it is a succulent, but don't know for sure, I do know that it starts from a cutting real… More

  • A simple (town) garden

    ...e). Plants used are diverse Echiveria species and Aloe barbadensis (=Aloe vera). This type of garden is ideal for people who like something different but don't want to spend too much time on maintenance. More

  • aloe vera and sticky residue

    I need help with my aloe vera. I have had aloe plants before and I don't recall them ever doing this before. I bought the plant in the fall sometime and it didn’t start doing this until sometime around February. It seems to be excreting a sticky residue out of… More

  • Aloe Plant

    Hello ;) Well here is my aloe plant.... It is needless to say the leaning tower of aloe. I aquired the plant from a nursery that threw it in the trash. So I asked if I could have it and here it is 2 years later. It was much smaller… More

  • Splitting Aloe

    I have an Aloe plant that is gigantic. It was a baby from another huge Aloe plant I ended up giving away years ago. I forgot how to split them though. I really need to split this plant as it weighs over 30 lbs in the pot. Whats the best… More

  • any type aloe

    Anyone with aloe plants/seeds - - I would be willing to pay postage. Thanks:cool: More



  • A New Aloe

    ... have to cut out a whole lotta ice plant! This is Aloe-X Pink Blush. (shouldn't we re-name this RiverRock's Place? Lol) More

  • aloe vera plants

    i need help i have some aloe plants that were doing great when the were outside in summer but now that there in side they are wilting the leaves are turning to mush how do i save my plants More

  • My aloe is bleeding?

    I just purchased a small plant (aloe). One of the leaves was brown and damaged so I cut it down to where it was healthier. I was surprised, if not shocked, to see that the membrane was secreting a redish/ brownish liquid goo. Is this normal? I touched it, am… More

  • Can anyone identify this Aloe plant?

    I need to replace a neighbor's outdoor aloe plant but can't find it anywhere and don't know what it is called to order it. Can anyone help me please?thanks so much,Donna More

  • a few aloe pups up for trade

    i have a few small aloe pups up for trade well with conformation number as my trading partner be able to do same thank you More

  • Aloe Posers

    Can anyone who knows their Aloes help me with two questions I have, please. The first is, can someone identify the first Aloe pic. It was just labelled "Aloe variety". It does look a lttle like Aloe "Minibelle (sp)" but is not the right shade of green as it is… More

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