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Acacia Tree

Acacia Tree Articles

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  • acacia trees

    ... from Apache Junction AZ.I need some help with my acacia trees I planted 4 months ago.They are dying and I would like some advice on how I can revive then before they die.I water them for an hour every day.Also,I feed them some Miracle Grow to keep… More

  • Privacy Tree

    My neighbor planted a row of 6 acacia longifolia trees right on our property line. The trees reach about 14 feet over our 6 foot fence. The pollen from these trees is tremendous and horrible to deal with. We use a pressure washer occasionally and that does help. My problem… More

  • What type is this Acacia tree?

    ...et but wow, there are a lot of different types of Acacia trees. I have one in my garden, that is near death. I'd like to plant a new one that is the same. All I know is it's some kind of Acacia. Anyone know the full… More

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