How to Cut Leaves to Give Zucchini More Sun


As the season passes the leaves on your zucchini plants grow larger. You may find that these large leaves actually shade the growing zucchini squash on the vines and prevent necessary sunlight from reaching the vegetables. Help your zucchini squash to grow large and make sure you do not miss any to harvest by cutting the zucchini leaves with pruning shears.

Step 1

Choose zucchini plants for pruning that have at least four zucchini squash growing on the vines. Do not prune the zucchini plants any earlier than this or you risk interrupting the fruit production of the plants.

Step 2

Clip the largest leaves from these zucchini plants with the pruning shears. Cut these leaves near the base where the leaf stems connect with the main stems.

Step 3

Leave the upper leaves on the zucchini plants (these are the smaller leaves). Leave any leaf nodes (future leaves) so they will develop on the stems.

Step 4

Cut off leaves that appear brown, shriveled or dead regardless of where they are growing, clipping them off with the pruning shears where the leaf stems attach to the main stems.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears


  • Gardening Know How: Pruning Zucchini
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