How to Make Grape Vine Wreaths


Making your own grapevine wreaths costs much less than purchasing ready-made ones. Add dried flowers, herbs and/or ribbons to turn grapevines into delightful holiday gifts or to decorate your own home. If neither you nor anyone you know grows grapevines, contact a local vineyard to see about obtaining fresh vines after harvest.

Step 1

Clip workable lengths of grapevine, such as 3- to 10-foot pieces. You will need several pieces to make a full wreath. Cut the vines after the grapes have been harvested and before the first frost. Trim off any large leaves while leaving small leaves and the curly tendrils if desired to add decoration.

Step 2

Form a circle with one grapevine piece. Start by holding the larger end of the vine and coiling the piece around on itself until it is the diameter you want the final size of the wreath to be. Insert the smaller, loose end in between the coiled vine to hold it, securing with a piece of floral wire if needed.

Step 3

Add another piece of grapevine by inserting the larger end of the second piece in between the vines of the first one and weaving the second vine through the first. Continue adding grapevine pieces until the wreath is the size and fullness you desire. Use wire as necessary to securely attach the pieces so they will not uncoil.

Step 4

Insert a 10-inch piece of floral wire through the back of the wreath and twist it into a loop for hanging the wreath.

Step 5

Allow the grapevine wreath to dry for at least two weeks either by laying it outside in the sun or hanging it inside in a warm room. If hanging inside to dry, rotate the wreath's position every day to help maintain its shape.

Step 6

Attach dried flowers or herbs to your wreath with hot glue. If desired, use a ribbon to make a bow and hot-glue it to the wreath.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not let the wreath get wet if you leave it outside to dry.

Things You'll Need

  • Grapevines
  • Floral wire
  • Clippers
  • Dried flowers-optional
  • Hot glue-optional
  • Ribbon-optional


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