Homestead Landscaping Ideas

Homesteading is a way of life for people living on their own. There is a kind of self-satisfaction produced by relying on the land instead of modern ways. Homestead landscaping can be useful, profitable and beautiful if planned properly.

Aquatic Food Garden

Try turning a neglected pond into an aquatic food garden. By planting water chestnuts, cattails and other edible aquatics, you can expand the growing experience, even if terrestrial garden space is limited. If the pond is large enough, catfish, bream and other fish can be raised for human and animal food as well. Plants and fish do not have to become food. Cattails can be used to make baskets, stuff pillows and even make rugs. Leftover plant clippings and fish waste are nutritious and natural plant fertilizers.

Worldly Homestead Garden

Many homesteaders also home school their children. Consider turning an area of your landscape into a worldly garden. Plant several gardens that resemble landscapes from around the world. Good choices would be an Egyptian, Japanese, North American and English-inspired gardens. Consider having children write an essay about each place and the importance of the plants.

Profitable Landscape

One way to create additional income is by choosing plant species and carefully placing them in viewer-friendly ways. A well-established, interesting landscape can become a source of income by charging people to access it. Include fragrant plants and maybe a moving water feature or two to appeal to all of the senses. Before opening your land to visitors, get insurance and check local business laws.

Butterfly and Bee Landscape

The plants homesteaders grow require pollination to set fruit; butterflies and bees are the main pollinators. Try including a large landscape full of butterfly host plants. Butterflies not only require nectar, but each species you attract will need a certain plant to lay its eggs. If taken care of and no pesticides/herbicides are used, butterflies and bees will return year after year to eat, raise offspring and live, while pollinating your crops as well. This landscape is especially nice if you already raise honeybees. It will keep them closer to the hive and (somewhat) control what plants they use to make their honey.

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