How to Train Pole Beans


Training pole beans to grow on a trellis or other support makes harvesting easier and allows the plants better ventilation. Without support, bean vines growing on the ground are subject to insect attack and disease. Climbing is natural for pole beans and they are quickly trained to the support, grabbing on with thin tendrils that twine around the support and hold the plant in place.

Step 1

Plant pole beans near a fence or trellis, or establish a support at the base of the plant. A triangle of three bamboo poles tied together at the top works well.

Step 2

Lift the plant onto the support and wrap the curl of the tendril around the support to hold it. The tendrils will grab the support and hold the plant in place.

Step 3

Continue lifting the pole beans onto the support as needed. Soon the plant will automatically grab the support without any help.

Step 4

Watch that long shoots do not move over and grab onto other structures as the bean grows. Gently move wayward vines back to their own support.

Things You'll Need

  • Trellis or other support


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