How to Make Bare Root Grapevines From Cuttings


Grapevines cuttings root quickly with little work. Use the vines for fruit, an ornamental plant or both. Draped over a pergola, grapevines lend a Mediterranean feel to the garden and provide shade and fruit for both wildlife and the gardener. Grapevines require full sun and warm temperatures to bear fruit in their USDA Plant Hardiness Zones--6a to 10b. Collect grapevine cuttings in the spring to have bare-root grapevines by fall.

Step 1

Cut a branch from the grapevine with at least four nodes--the bumps along the length of the branch. Make the bottom cut at a 45-degree angle, just below the bottom node. Cut the top of the branch 1 inch above a node.

Step 2

Pour enough sand into a planting pot to bury at least half of the cutting. Moisten the sand until the water drains from the bottom of the pot.

Step 3

Stick the angled end of the cutting into the sand, up to the second node from the top. This second node should be right above soil level.

Step 4

Mist the potted cutting. Place it in a clear plastic bag and seal it. Check the soil periodically. It should remain moist, but not soggy.

Step 5

Place the potted cutting in a protected area where it will receive light, but not direct sun.

Step 6

Poke holes in the plastic bag as soon as new growth appears on the cutting. When the cutting has outgrown the bag, remove it and place it outdoors, but out of direct sun. In fall, remove the cutting from the pot. The bare-root grapevine is ready for transplanting into the ground.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • 1-gallon pot
  • Sand
  • Clear plastic bag


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Who Can Help

  • New Mexico State University: Saving Grandfather's Grapevine
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