Corsage Making Ideas

Similar to regular bouquets, corsages are small groupings of flowers and greenery either pinned on or worn on the wrist. They are traditionally worn at proms, weddings and formal events, such as balls. If you have flowers and greenery in your garden at their peak---along with supplies such as floral wire and tape, ribbons and shears---create your own.

Traditional Rose Corsage

No list is complete without the most traditional corsage of all: the three-rose corsage. Wrap the stems of three roses in floral tape. Take leaves and filler flowers, such as baby's breath, and gather them together with the roses. Tape or wire the arrangement together and wrap with ribbon. Replace the three roses with a single orchid for a similarly traditional look.

Lavender Corsage

A corsage made of lavender provides a subtle scent to an outfit, eliminating the need for perfume. Take three or four of the long, vertical plants and trim them to the desired size. Weave ribbon around the stems and flowers from the bottom up until you reach about halfway up. Tie off the ribbon and allow the extra lengths to dangle. If desired, wire or tape greenery to the corsage and cover with the dangling lengths of ribbon.

Christmastime Corsage

If your event takes place around Christmas, tape holly leaves and berries and a few sprigs of fir together for a festive look. Use small Christmas-related items to enhance the look. For example, use small bells or miniature gifts.

Beachy Corsage

Use a starfish or a shell as the anchor for your corsage and hot-glue on supporting greenery and materials behind it. Grass works for this purpose, as do seaweed and feathers.

Harvest-Themed Corsage

Buy a miniature horn of plenty from an arts and crafts store and fill it with small sprigs of greenery, as well as small nuts and berries.

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