How to Hang a Seashell Planter Basket


Planter baskets made from seashells can be decorative additions to your home décor. Hang a seashell planter basket with a hanger made from seashells similar to the shells in the basket design. You can make a seashell plant hanger that's custom-designed to fit the dimensions of the seashell basket and that does not compete with the shells on the basket. Hang the seashell planter basket inside, on the patio or in the garden for an eclectic addition to the décor,

Step 1

Measure the dimensions of the seashell planter basket from the tip of the rim, around the underside, and up to the tip of the rim opposite where you began. This is the part of the basket planter that will sit inside the hanger. In order for the seashells on the hanger not to conflict with the seashells on the basket, this section of the hanger will not have shells.

Step 2

Determine the desired length of the plant hanger from the top to the rim of the seashell basket. The plant hanger can be as long as you like, depending on where you plan to hang the basket. Plant hangers that hang from the ceiling are often longer than those hanging from a tree. Double the length measurement.

Step 3

Add the dimensions of the basket from rim to rim determined in Step 1 to the doubled length measurement from Step 2. Cut two lengths of beading wire equal to the combined measurements, plus 4 inches.

Step 4

Find the center point of one of the cut lengths of beading wire. Measure to the left of the center point a distance equal to half of the rim to rim measurement from Step 1. Clip a paper clip at this spot. Measure to the right of the center point a distance equal to half of the rim to rim measurement from Step 1. Clip a paper clip to mark the spot. Repeat this step on the second cut strand of beading wire.

Step 5

String a crimp bead to one of the clips on either wire. Remove the clip and crimp the bead in place with crimping pliers. Repeat this step to replace each clip on both strands of wire with a crimp bead. The crimp bead will stop the shell beads on the strand, allowing for the base of the plant hanger to remain shell free.

Step 6

Thread shell beads over the open end of one wire to the crimp bead. Fill the section of wire with shell beads to 2 inches from the end. Add a crimp bead. Fold the end of the wire over a large jump ring, through the crimp bead and back through the shell beads. Crimp the bead. Repeat this step with the opposite end of the same strand of wire.

Step 7

Repeat Step 6 with the remaining wire strand.

Step 8

Fit the jump ring over a hook wherever you plan to hang the seashell basket. Arrange the open wires at the base of the shell beaded strands so that the wires cross at the center point. Fit the planter basket inside the hanger and rest it on top of the crossed wires. Arrange the wire strands so that one strand is positioned at the east, west, north and south points of the seashell basket.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Beading wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimp beads
  • Crimping pliers
  • Shell beads
  • Large jump ring


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