Aloe Vera Medicine Plant Care


The aloe vera medicine plant is grown for aesthetic, culinary and medicinal purposes. Used to treat scrapes and minor burns, the aloe vera is an easy plant to care for, either indoors or as an addition to landscaping in areas where temperatures stay very warm.


Loose soil is needed to grow the aloe vera medicine plant. This plant needs drainage if planted in a pot. Use an all-purpose potting soil, using 1/4 sand to 3/4 soil. The pot should be twice the size of the plant.


Water the plant when the soil becomes completely dry. Add enough water to wet the soil, but avoid making the soil soggy. Remember to keep a drainage tray underneath the pot if planted indoors and provide humidity.


Fertilize the aloe vera plant every three months with a succulent fertilizer. If the plant is outdoors in a desert-like setting, fertilize twice a year in the fall and spring.


Planting the aloe vera outdoors in bright sunlight will help it grow. Full sunlight during the morning hours and part of the afternoon will keep the succulent plant warm and healthy. Place indoor plants in windows facing east, south or west.


Remove dead stems using scissors. Then remove all broken, dead or brown leaves. If you need to harvest a stem, cut from the largest part of the plant on the outer edges. Start new plants by clipping new shoots and placing them in soil to grow.

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