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Shrubs are very commonly used in gardening and landscaping as a plant that fills out the scene. These plants also have some practical purposes, such as hiding some of the more ugly parts of the landscape. Since these plants can sometimes fit in places where trees do not fit, they often need to be pruned in order to make sure that they still fit.


Shrubs are a type of tree that have multiple stems and a lower height than a tree, with the shrub height usually not exceeding 20 feet. Shrubs are sometimes part of the same species as taller trees, but have not grown to the normal height of the tree due to the environmental conditions or due to pruning. Shrubs have many branches that grow very close together, making them very dense.


Shrubs come in one of two types, deciduous and evergreen. The deciduous shrubs lose their leaves during the winter, leading to these shrubs having somewhat different appearances every year, while the evergreen shrubs never lose their leaves.


Shrubs are often used for topiary, which is the artistic pruning of plants. The deciduous shrub is the most common shrub used in gardening and landscaping because of the different shapes they develop, as opposed to evergreens. They also have a tendency to have colorful flowers, fruit that benefits wildlife and often very pleasant fragrances. However, the evergreen shrubs are useful because they can provide some privacy during the winter. Shrubs are used very frequently in gardens because of how they visually anchor buildings and create a backdrop for herbaceous flowers. Given all of the different shapes and sizes, these plants are very versatile. However, shrubs should be the right size for the place you plan on putting them, or else they will need extensive pruning.


Since shrubs are not a particular species but are instead a way of growing a variety of plants, the soil preferences, pest problems, nutrient needs and water needs of the shrubs vary.


When purchasing shrubs, they should not look like they are missing leaves or are really thin with branches. Their leaves should not have any discoloration or any pests. Shrubs that have those characteristics might not survive planting. The process of planting shrubs is the same as planting trees, except that the shrubs do not need to be staked.

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