Hanging Basket Ideas

Flowers offer the gardener an incredible palette of colors to create beautiful hanging baskets. Couple this plethora of color with a wide variety of containers and you've got the recipe to create unique, amazing hanging baskets unlike any others. Hanging basket ideas begin with choosing plants appropriate for the location based on sunlight requirements. Hanging basket design ideas reflect the unique personality of each gardener in both the materials used and the foliage chosen to grace these decorative additions to the outdoor living space.

Seasonal Display

Gardeners use hanging baskets for the typical petunias, vinca and verbena planted to last through the summer growing season. In reality, these baskets can showcase favorite plants during every season but winter. Choose cool weather annuals such as pansies and snapdragons to grace hanging baskets while you wait for your perennial garden plants to fill in the garden bed. Add ornamental cabbage, spikes and caladium to provide interesting fall colors to your hanging floral displays. Simply move the baskets to a protected location at night to protect plants from frost and hang the plants the following day.


Choose a container that matches the outdoor décor and sized to match the location of the planter. Hanging planters come in mesh, wire, wrought iron and plastic varieties to match every living space. Mesh and wire baskets require the use of sphagnum moss or coconut liners to hold soil and plants in place. Larger containers can house a variety of different plants and should be used in areas where these big planters won't detract from other elements in the landscape. Match your color scheme with a plastic hanging basket and add an integral decorating tool that can be reused every year to add interest to the outdoor living space. Hanging baskets can be just made of just about any container imaginable. Simply slip the planter into a macramé plant hanger and suspend it from a hook.

Single Plant Hanging Baskets

Some of the most stunning hanging baskets feature a single plant at center stage in the planter. The design of these hanging baskets might be simple but the planter provides long lasting impact in the landscape. Filling a hanging basket with petunias, verbena or vinca focuses attention on the truly unique qualities of a single flower. Choose trailing plants to use the vertical space below the plant. Train vines upward along the support hangers to fill in the space above the mass of plants. Make sure to crowd the plants in the container for best results. Take care to water frequently in crowded containers, fertilize regularly and remove spent blooms often.

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