The Best Flowers for a Bride

Several factors go into selecting flowers for the bride, including the style of the wedding, the season and the wedding budget. Whether you are looking for something commonplace or unique, be sure to pay as much attention to your own preferences as to any list of popular wedding flowers.

Calla Lily

A popular wedding choice, the calla lily has elegant trumpet-shaped blossoms. Though calla lilies are most often cream colored, yellow, orange, pink and dark purple varieties also exist.


The tulip represents consuming love and happy years. It comes in vibrant colors and pastels as well as white and ivory. The common tulip, which is an affordable wedding flower, is versatile enough to use in both formal and casual wedding settings.


Because roses represent love and happiness, it is not surprising they remain a ubiquitous wedding flower choice. Roses are versatile, coming in a wide range of colors and at least three varieties. Brides may select hybrid tea roses, which are the uniformly-shaped, classic roses from a florist, spray roses, which have five or more small heads per stem, and garden roses, which have bushy old-fashioned open heads and wonderful scents.


These large poufs of flowers come in blue, pink, lavender, green or white. Hydrangeas massed in bouquets create a bold, modern look.


The gardenia, symbolizing joy, looks lovely in a bouquet or used as a hair ornament. Known for its beautiful scent, the gardenia is a delicate white or ivory flower.

Sweet Pea

With their skinny stems, these frilly flowers gather well into a classic, romantic-looking bouquet. Choose from pink, purple, lavender, red or white sweet peas for a flower that will hold up well throughout the longest of wedding parties.


The primrose, conveying cheery, joyous, youthful feelings, is considered a less formal flower choice. It is still makes very pretty bridal bouquets.


Daisies represent innocence. Arranged properly, daisies can make a simple but elegant statement. And they won't leave you with an overwhelming florist bill. If you want something other than the classic yellow and white daisy, look to the gerbera daisy, which is available in a wide range of colors.


Freesia, in-season for spring and summer weddings, works well in bouquets. Two qualities that make freesia particularly attractive are its lovely scent and reasonable price.

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