How to Install Solar Landscape Lights


Solar landscape lights are energy-conserving alternatives to traditional, wired electrical landscape lights. Solar lights come in handy especially when you want to light an area in your landscape that is far away from an electrical source. They are also far easier to install than electrical landscape lighting. You can use solar landscape lights for a wide variety of landscaping designs, and they can provide safety, security and drama to your yard and home. Commercially sold solar landscape lights are packaged with all the components you need for assembly and installation, and usually require very basic or no tools to put together.

Step 1

Plan your landscape lighting design. Select focal points in your landscape for the solar lights, such as around larger ornamental trees and shrubs, or along a walkway, steps or a driveway.

Step 2

Decide between tier-type landscaping lights and floodlights or spotlights, or a combination of both. Tier landscape lights cast light downward and are best for steps, walkways or driveways, while spotlights and floodlights are adjustable to direct light at different angles, even upward. Spotlights are best for illuminating taller landscape focal points, such as trees or shrubs.

Step 3

Assemble your solar landscape lights. Attach the yard stake and the solar panel to the light fixture, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 4

Insert the stake into the ground firmly. Place the stakes deep enough into the ground so that the lights stand up without wiggling or moving and are secure.

Step 5

Space the solar landscape lights at least 8 inches apart. If you're illuminating a tall tree, arrange the spotlights in a circle around the tree for the best effect. If you're lighting a walkway, driveway or steps, stagger the tier lights on either side of the path so that they aren't directly across from one another.

Things You'll Need

  • Landscape light assembly kit


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