How to Remove a Lawnmower Tire From a Rim


When repairing a flat tire on your lawnmower, you may find that replacing the tire is a better option. Usually you do not find out until you remove the tire from the mower. You can remove the tire from the rim quickly with a couple of tire irons. Unlike car tires, lawnmower tires do not require a machine to remove the tire from the rim. With a little bit of patience you can remove the tire in minutes.

Step 1

Place the tire and rim on a flat surface such as your shop floor. Remove the valve stem cap and use a screwdriver to release any remaining air in the tire. Insert the screwdriver blade over the center pin inside the valve stem and press the pin down to release the air.

Step 2

Stomp down on the sides of the tire with the heel of your foot to break the seal between the tire and the inside lip of the rim. Flip the tire over and separate the seal on the other side.

Step 3

Place your foot firmly on the center of the rim. Insert a tire removal iron between the tire and the inside of the rim. You can use a large flathead screwdriver if you do not have access to tire irons.

Step 4

Pry the edge of the tire over the rim using the rim as leverage for the tire iron or screwdriver. Hold the tire iron and insert the second tire iron 6 inches beside the first.

Step 5

Pry down on the second tire iron just as you did with the first to pop the edge of the tire over the rim. Hold the second tire iron and pull the first tire iron out of the tire.

Step 6

Place the first tire iron 6 inches from the one you are holding and insert between the tire and rim. Pry up to bring the edge of the tire over the rim. Slide the tire iron around the circumference of the rim and the tire edge will pop over the rim.

Step 7

Place a tire iron under the outside edge of the tire and rim and pull up to pry the rest of the tire off the rim. If necessary insert the second tire iron next to the first and pry up until you can slide the tire iron around the rim and completely remove the tire.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 tire removal irons
  • 2 large flathead screwdrivers


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  • Ken Tool: Tire Irons
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