Ideas for Decorating With Window Boxes

Window planter boxes are most often positioned under windows, but there are actually many other excellent places they can be placed in your yard. Exploring some of these options will lend creativity to your garden and can expand your planting space.

On Fences

Add window boxes or planter baskets along fences to increase your gardening space and beautify normally dull areas. Locate them outside of windows where you have good visibility from inside. Especially good locations are right outside your kitchen window or along narrow entry corridors. Consider combining multiple planter boxes in one area for a mass effect. You can use identical planter boxes or different shapes but in the same material. Try three identical planters spaced evenly on one fence panel, or place identical planters on each fence panel along an entire side of your yard. You can also position one larger planter with two complementary smaller planters on each side of the larger one. These same ideas can be applied to the exterior walls of your home if watering the planter boxes will not damage your home's exterior.

As Focal Points

Create focal points in your garden by combining window boxes with other items. Place a window box under a window frame (with or without glass) or an outdoor mirror on a fence in a prominent location to serve as a focal point in your garden. Position a door in your garden in a location you would like to become a focal point and adorn it with a window box. Take a large square planter box and secure a lattice trellis inside of it and then add a window box to the lattice. Place a window box on a fence or on lattice above your pond.

As Accents

Add freestanding window boxes to your porches. You can purchase iron freestanding planter boxes or add legs to wood planter boxes. Place window boxes in areas with poor soil for use as raised planters or in areas where you need a different level for interest. Try placing one planter on the ground with others behind it on raised surfaces, such as on stacked bricks or railroad ties, to create a tiered effect.

The Finale

Once you have creatively sited your window boxes, complete the project by filling them with lots of flowers and plants. Change the flowers out seasonally or add decorative seasonal accents to keep your planter boxes looking fresh all year.

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