Farmers Almanac Flower Planting Dates

The farmer's almanac is a farming guide that uses the cycles of the moon to determine the optimal growing periods for particular plants. The almanac also suggests a chore routine for those periods when planting is not favorable to maximize a farmer's efficiency. The farmer's almanac is meant for regions of the US where the weather is favorable for farming, such as midwestern and far western states.


During the end of February, farmers are instructed to begin preparing their beds for planting. The farmer's almanac states that on February 26 to 28, farmers should clear their ground, turn the sod and kill any plant pests. For those with a home garden, this would be an excellent time to till an any soil additions such as bone meal, coffee grounds or leaf matter.


During the month of March, there are three distinct periods laid out for planting flowers. The first appears on March third and forth with instructions to plant flowers, grains and root crops. The second date is March 24 and 25. During those days the farmer's almanac states that flower garden seeds as well as seedbeds can be planted with success. Finally March 30 and 31 are favorable for planting flowers along with fine sowing of hay and fodder crops.


April is a month that is primarily recommended for growing fruits and vegetables including lettuce, kale, celery and vine plants. With regard to flowers, April 20 and 21 are the most optimal planting times for seedbeds, flower gardens and also for above-ground crops such as corn.

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