Fastest Growing Vegetables

If you want to have a quick-harvest vegetable garden, you need to prepare the soil and add fertilizer to give the seeds enough nutrients to grow. Although the radish is the fastest growing vegetable, there are other vegetables that will be ready to harvest a short time after the radish.


The radish can be ready for harvest 25 to 30 days after planting. The soil temperature should be at least 45 degrees F. The radish can be planted in early spring and again in late summer for two harvests.


Leaf lettuce is ready to harvest after 40 to 50 days when planted in soil with temperatures above 45 degrees F. The head lettuce will take 70 to 85 days to mature when planted at the same time as the leaf lettuce.


Spinach can be harvested in 50 to 60 days when planted after soil temperatures reach at least 45 degrees F. It is possible to plant the seeds in early spring and again in late summer for two harvests.


Beets can mature in 55 to 60 days for harvest in early summer. The second crop can be planted in late summer for a late-spring harvest. The soil temperature in spring must be 50 degrees F or warmer.


Mustard varieties such as Savannah, tendergreen and southern giant curled will be ready to harvest in 30 to 40 days when planted in soil with a temperature of 40 degrees F.


Cucumbers can be planted when the soil temperature reaches 65 degrees F. The plants will mature and be ready to harvest in 40 to 50 days. This includes pickling and slicing varieties.


Beans are an easy vegetable to grow. The seeds germinate quickly and can produce a harvest in 50 to 60 days for bush varieties, and 60 to 70 days for pole varieties. The seeds will germinate in soil temperatures of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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