Natural Desert Landscaping Ideas

Desert landscapes filled with colorful foliage and relaxing outdoor spaces create an inviting landscape, one that can be enjoyed all year round. Create a fiery desert oasis by planting desert-loving, drought-tolerant plants such as succulents along a winding desert path. Don't forget to add a crackling fire pit to beckon you outdoors for an evening of star gazing.


Adding a meandering rock path through the desert landscape invites you into the space for a relaxing stroll. A winding desert path helps to connect you to other areas around the landscape like a backyard patio or garden bench. To create a desert-like path, lay crushed gravel in a desert color such as red or orange. These fiery colors evoke the feeling of walking through the hot desert landscape and stand out among the surrounding plants of the garden. Soft under foot, crushed gravel easily spreads along a small walking path or a wider path. Gravel also packs down well to enable large garden equipment like wheelbarrows to easily maneuver around the landscape.


Plant heat- and drought-resistant plants around the desert landscape to withstand the demands of the desert while creating a visually interesting design. Spiral aloe, a type of succulent plant, grows in a spiral shape with a clump-like form. Its toothed, bright green leaves resist deer and drought, making these ideal plants to grow in a desert landscape. Cherry cola dyckia, a variety of succulent with deep crimson foliage, looks vibrant planted along a desert path or nestled within a desert rock garden. Its bright orange flowers and ability to withstand high, extreme heats makes it a desert must.


Add a desert patio alongside the succulent garden to create the ideal spot for outdoor living. Open and inviting, desert patios beckon you outdoors to watch your garden grow. To create your own private retreat, lay the slate down in a circular pattern to from a well-defined patio space. Composed of earth colors like browns, blues and grays, slate makes for a natural patio design. Around the slate, add a layer of river rocks to create a border around the patio and one that reflects the feel of being in a natural desert landscape. Over the river rocks, situate containers filled with drought-tolerant Parry's agave, a hardy succulent plant.

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