Bermuda Grass Types

A popular lawn grass in the south, Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) is a fine-textured grass that tolerates heat well, turns brown in the winter and may be overseeded with cool-season grasses, such as Rye, in the winter. Bermuda grass spreads both on the surface and by runners and may be invasive if not well contained. This grass prefers full sun, less water than most other grasses and may be cut to 1/2 inch.


A hybrid, Sahara is a medium to fine dense grass that is nearly drought resistant and provides good color, even in the hottest summers. Sahara is a tough grass that is mostly pest resistant and can stand up to wear on a golf course, playground or well-used lawn. This grass is not fussy about soil and may be planted in sandy or coarse soil.


A hybrid, Tifdwarf is a low, dense Bermuda grass that requires close mowing. This grass is slow to establish and spread and is less invasive than standard Bermuda grass. Tifdwarf is most often used in small areas, particularly on banks or around rocks. Other Tif varieties, include Tifgreen, which is often used on putting greens, and Tifway, a low-growth, fine grass that does not produce seeds.


Among the most cold hardy of Bermuda grasses, the Yukon hybrid is a dense, dark green grass that is a popular choice for golf greens and fairways and holds up well in smaller yards. This grass can be mowed to 1/2 inch and requires 25 percent less water than most other Bermuda grasses. Hardy to zone 7, where minimum temperatures can reach 0 degrees Fahrenheit, Yukon Bermuda grass can also be planted in tropical climates. Yukon is a slow-growing grass.


Considered the least reliable of the hybrids, U-3 is a very fine grass but has many seed spikes. This grass can stand up to wear in a heavily-used yard, but should be mowed low and frequently to keep the seed spikes at bay. U-3 is difficult to start from seed and is usually grown from sprigs.

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