Ideas for Making Flower Beds

A bed of flowers in the landscape delights the senses. An abundance of color, texture, fragrance and height accentuate the flower garden. Adding flowers to the yard gives a landscape a whole new look. Whether you want to make a small bed or turn your whole yard into profusions of blooms, several options can get you started.


A natural, curved bed for flowers bordering a fence or the side of a yard hides structures and visually lengthens the yard. Native wildflowers grace the flower garden with color and are easy to maintain. Plant them as a prairie, scattering the seeds haphazardly, or define specific areas by color and size. Some flowers to consider include echinacea, yellow coneflower and wild bergamot. For height, add queen of the prairie and skullcap.

Cottage Garden

An old-fashioned cottage garden featuring a curving, rambling brick path bordered by jewel-toned blooms forms an exceptional flower bed. A cottage garden--filled with prolific blooming perennials and annuals, herbs and vegetables--catches the eye and makes a statement with its disorder. Place plants close together; bare spots detract from the look and allow weeds to grow. Roses, especially old world or the knock out varieties, add fragrance and beauty. Include a variety of flowers and foliage, such as hollyhocks, butterfly bush, Russian sage, basil, thyme, hostas, lavender and peonies. Flowered vines, such as clematis, add color to a fence row or trellis.


Set aside an area for continuous blooms throughout the warm seasons, such as around a porch or patio. Early spring bulbs, such as snowdrops, tulips and hyacinth, get a flower bed off to a welcome start. Border the bed with groundcovers like creeping thyme. Aster and dianthus provide bright colors in the late spring and summer. Tall blooming plants placed near the back of the bed provide height and color. Add flowers like zinnia and canna lilies to attract hummingbirds. Chrysanthemums bring fall color.

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