How to Fertilize a Eucalyptus Tree


The eucalyptus tree, or Eucalyptus formanii, is a hardy sort also known as redgum and rarely requires fertilization. In fact, these trees aren't terribly fussy about much of anything. Once established, these fast-growing evergreen trees with dusty blue-toned leaves are drought tolerant and require almost nothing in the way of care and maintenance. In fact, eucalyptus plants even have insect-repellent properties, so they're rarely bothered by pests. Offering proper minimal fertilization to your eucalyptus tree will assure you of many years of healthy, carefree enjoyment of this stately specimen.

Step 1

Feed the new eucalyptus tree about a month following planting. Use a good all-purpose flowering tree fertilizer and follow the packaging instructions carefully. Repeat the application once every three years.

Step 2

Supplement your eucalyptus tree with chelated iron once in the spring and again in the fall. This is particularly beneficial to young specimens still in the stages of development. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations carefully.

Step 3

Use slow-release fertilizers to feed other plants with differing nutritional requirements if they're situated within or near the eucalyptus tree's drip line. Follow the product directions carefully.

Things You'll Need

  • All-purpose flowering tree fertilizer
  • Chelated iron
  • Slow-release fertilizers


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