The Advantages of a Greenhouse

A greenhouse is an enclosure that is specifically designed to grow plants in controlled environmental conditions. Gardeners, plant collectors and commercial growers use the advantages of a greenhouse to grow a variety of plants, trees, flowers, fruit and other vegetation. A greenhouse can be small enough to use in your backyard or as large as several acres of land. Many home gardeners use DIY greenhouse kits to build them in their yards.

Extends Growing Seasons

One of the biggest advantages of a greenhouse is the ability to extend growing seasons. Greenhouse owners control the temperature and light exposure within the greenhouse walls. Spring can start earlier for germinating and growing seedlings. Fall can extend further to increase vegetable production.

Artificial Climates

Greenhouses are ideal for setting up and maintaining specific climates. Gardeners can grow plants that are not suited for their growing zone region using a controlled environment. For example, a garden enthusiast could set up a greenhouse with an environment to grow exotic flowering tropical plants. Collectors import plants from tropical nurseries and then propagate within the artificial climate established within the greenhouse.

Organic Gardening

Greenhouses offer a perfect environment and setup for organic gardening. There are no external pests or parasites invading plants and vegetables. Plants and vegetables grown in a greenhouse require less pest control than outdoor plants. Additionally, gardeners can grow specific herbs, vegetables, berries and fruits to enjoy year-round without any worry of added chemicals often found in commercial growing.


A greenhouse is a perfect way to have spring in your yard year-round. Many gardeners use their greenhouses as a retreat. Gardening is relaxing and rewarding. Working in a greenhouse and growing different plants to collect is an ideal retreat without ever having to leave home. Greenhouse growers can even grow container plants for specific occasions and gift-giving to share with family and friends.

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