Country Landscaping Ideas

Country homes with large yards and open vistas provide an ideal canvas for the landscape artist. Open to many different styles and designs, you can make a country landscape simple, ornate or anywhere between. Landscaping allows you the freedom to follow your own tastes and accentuate the positive features of your home and yard. Learn a few basic ways to anchor the landscaping of your country home.


Several elements classify as hardscapes in landscaping: rocks, fences, structures, walls and patios. Adding a stone or brick-paved patio gives you a place to relax and enjoy your landscape. For privacy and wind protection, install trellises around the patio. Climbing roses, clematis and morning glories can grow up the trellises, perfuming the patio and adding color. A few well-placed evergreens also provide privacy. Choose fast growing, upright varieties like Arborvitae. A built-in grill, fireplace or barbecue makes your patio the perfect outside party area. Border the patio on a sunny side with a raised bed for growing vegetables or cooking herbs, such as oregano, rosemary and basil.

Water Feature

Country landscapes usually have enough room to include a water feature. A small pond, fountain or a carefully placed stream create a peaceful setting. Place the water feature at the edge of the patio for maximum enjoyment. The water feature requires a pump to provide flow because stagnant water attracts insects, such as mosquitoes. Adorn the feature with plants like water lilies and lotus.


First impressions matter, even in landscaping. When visitors come to your home, they will see the front yard first. Draw attention to architectural features of your home using plants. Framing an entryway with tall Skyrocket junipers makes a statement. A walkway lined with fragrant varieties of lavender and colorful perennial flowers like peonies makes walking to your front door a pleasurable experience. Small, curved retaining walls provide height and beds to grow plants. The walls can curve out to draw attention to a large window. Place small shrubs under windows. Holly, hydrangea and boxwood all work well. Use colors and texture to enhance the look of your home.

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