List of Safe Indoor Flowers for Cats

Cats are inherently curious creatures that tend to explore their environment with their paws and mouth. In keeping with feline practices, many pet-owning gardeners avoid placing any plants indoors where they are in range of their cats. Beyond this pet-proofing practice, there are indoor flowers that are not only beautiful, but also safe for cats.


Roses are a hardy flowering bush that flourishes indoors and outdoors. With various sized blooms, colors and fragrances, rose plants can be used to decorate any room. In addition, roses provide their own cat-proof protection with the large thorns along the stems. Good rose varieties for indoor growing include miniatures and hybrid teas.


Asteraceae Zinnia are stunning flowers that bloom in various colors, including red, white, orange, purple and lilac. Both the miniature and giant varieties flourish indoors, when given a large enough growing area. Zinnias are the hardiest when grown from seeds. Growing them indoors from seeds also provides added protection from pests and diseases that can sometimes be carried indoors with nursery plants.

African Violets

An African violet, or Saintpaulia, is a prime indoor plant that thrives in hanging pots and plant stands. Requiring minimal sunlight and always in bloom, they add a generous splashing of color to any room. These plants are safe for cats, to the point of being edible. The best temperature for growing these indoor plants is 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


Viola tricolor is a charming plant that brings a smile to gardener and house guests. Its bright purple and yellow petals provide a charming accent to any indoor planter. Its flavor is delicious for people and pets. Violas are a naturally spreading plant, so they will do best when planted alone in a flower pot.

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