Kinds of Yellow Gerber Daisies

When it comes to gerber, or gerbera daisies, yellow is not a single variety. There are solid yellow, bi-color and double-petal varieties, as well as those that range from a pale shade of yellow, to deep, rich gold. The center can also vary in color, with the most common a pale green that blends with the yellow, and black, which provides a striking contrast.


Green in the center and yellow throughout the rest of the head, 'Kayak' is a gerber daisy cultivar with a double-layer of petals, making a full, brightly colored daisy. It is one of the few yellow gerber daisy varieties that does not feature another color, such as black or orange.

'Heat Wave'

Appearing more like a traditional daisy than a gerber, 'Heat Wave' has a black center, surrounded by a single ring of yellow petals. The striking color combination makes it popular in flower arrangements, especially in the fall.


'Acapulco' reflects the bright colors of the region for which it was named, with flaming orange radiating out from a bright center, surrounded by a cheery ring of yellow. The 'Aculpulco' looks almost like it was airbrushed with an inner ring of orange since it is darker in the center, fading into the lighter yellow of the petals.

'Gerfolia Yellow'

Yellow almost all the way throughout, except for a small spot of green at the center, 'Gerfolia Yellow' gerber daisies are similar to 'Kayak,' but do not have the extra layer of petals. They are also a paler shade of yellow, bordering on pastel, rather than the bright sunny shade of 'Kayak.'


A rich, golden yellow, 'Kaliki' gerber daisies have small green centers surrounded by a deep orange that quickly fades into gold. A double layer of golden yellow petals surrounds the center.

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