How to Grow Vegetables in the Winter


Growing vegetables at home is a healthy and rewarding hobby. A home gardener who grows vegetables at home provides her family with vitamin-packed vegetables much cheaper than those purchased at the market. Vegetable gardening is typically considered a spring and summer activity. Vegetables need certain conditions in order to grow, but with a little extra work, these can be provided even during the winter.

Step 1

Gather containers in a variety of sizes in which to grow your vegetable plants. Small vegetables with short roots, such as radishes, grow in shallow containers like plastic dishpans. Tomatoes require larger containers such as 5-gallon buckets.

Step 2

Fill the containers with potting mix. Dig a hole in the soil in each container, and plant the vegetable seedlings.

Step 3

Provide light for the vegetable plants. In the south, most winter days are mild enough to have the containers outdoors to soak up the sun. Move the containers into a garage or covered patio during freezes and heavy rains. In colder climates, find an area in the house, basement or garage where you can place all of the containers. Hang grow lights over the seedlings to provide the correct amount of light. Plants grown indoors need 16 hours of light per day, and 8 hours of darkness.

Step 4

Water the plants when the top inch or two of soil feels dry to the touch. Avoid letting the soil dry out to prevent the plants from becoming stressed.

Step 5

Harvest the vegetables when they are fully grown. If the plants are still growing after spring thaw, move the containers outdoors to finish developing in the sunlight.

Things You'll Need

  • Plant seedlings
  • Potting mix for vegetables
  • Growing light
  • Chain
  • Containers


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