How to Clean the Traps of a Venus Fly Trap


In nature, Venus flytraps are found in marshes and bogs, where they have plenty of water and sun but very poor soil. To combat the lack of nutrients in the soil, Venus flytraps evolved to be carnivorous plants. Your Venus flytrap will thrive on insects it catches in its environment. The trap is triggered by the movement of a live bug drawn to its trap, which then closes to digest the bug. Once digestion is complete, there is an exoskeleton left behind. Kept in the outdoors, the rain and wind will sweep the exoskeleton out of your plant's traps. If you keep your Venus flytrap indoors, you may need to clean out its traps for it.

Step 1

Blow lightly on the trap of your Venus flytrap. Blow from the side, not from the top of your plant.

Step 2

Use a misting bottle or watering can with a very light flow of water to gently rain water onto your Venus flytrap.

Step 3

Move your Venus flytrap outdoors to help the traps be cleaned naturally by the elements.

Things You'll Need

  • Distilled water
  • Misting bottle
  • Watering can


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