The Best Zero Turn Riding Mowers

The circular shape of zero turn radius mowers allows it to swivel with no 'lead in' to a turn, so there are no cut corners, or need to maneuver to get missed areas. These mowers also make it easy to get around objects in the path like trees, bushes, or landscaped areas for a smooth, elegant looking lawn. Zero radius mowers have many technological advances in recent years that make them attractive over traditional tractors for many other reasons as well.

Cub Cadet

Cub cadet is a name with instant recognition. Known for its affordable solutions to homeowners in all areas of lawn care, Cub Cadet offers an excellent and affordable RZT zero turn radius mower in its 2600 to 3800 series. These hardy lawn tractors have 42-inch to 54-inch decks and have many popular attachments available. Attachments include a sun visor, bag catcher, seed spreader, sprayer, roller, dethatcher, aerator, carts, and mulch kits. What makes this a very attractive mower is its smart jet wash system that clears out all debris from the mower blades. This keeps this tough little tractor going strong and prevents rust, and dirt buildup.

Skag Zero Radius "Duel Fuel Turf Tiger"

Skag developed its 36-inch to 72-inch deck zero turn radius mowers with many helpful and unique options. Some of these are air or liquid cooled engines, a fuel injection option, and a choice between 26 to 35 hp. However, what makes the Duel Fuel Turf Tiger unique in the ability to make use of either gasoline or propane---a real money saver enabling owners to make a cost based decision at any time it suits to save money.

Kubota Z and F Series

Industry leaders in both agricultural level tractors, professional landscaping tractors, and home garden tractors, Kubota offers the Z Series. This excellent performing zero turn radius tractor available in 21 to 31 hp and with decks varying between 48 and 72.8-inch widths also has an option of either gas or diesel engines. Available implements include front lights, maintenance lift, mulching system, grass catcher, front blade, deluxe hardtop canopy, and stiping kit. For even bigger jobs, Kubota F Series zero turn radius tractors offer more horsepower, bigger decks and even four-wheel drive.

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