Flowers That Bloom in Mid-Spring & Summer

Flowers that bloom in the middle of spring and summer can create beautiful, bright spots of color. These flowers help fill the gap between the early spring bloomers and the summer flowers. By carefully selecting flowers according to their blooming time period, you can create a garden that is in blossom nearly all year long. Mid-spring and summer flowers should start blooming as the earlier flowers fade away.


Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans) is a flowering groundcover with foliage 3 inches to 6 inches tall. This low-growing perennial spreads 1 foot to 3 feet wide. The leaves are medium green with purple, maroon or bronze colorations. The flowers of this evergreen appear 6 inches above the leaves. The upright spikes are covered with blue, indigo, violet, white and pink blossoms. Bugleweed is deer resistant.

Hybrid Columbine

Hybrid columbine (Aquilegia x hybrida) is a perennial with fern-like leaves. The mound of green, gray-green and blue-green leaves reach 1 1/2 feet to 3 feet in height. Red, yellow, blue, violet, white and pink flowers hang downward from upright stalks. Five petals are surrounded by five different colored bracts in a star shape.

Jacob's Rod

Jacob's rod (Asphodeline lutea) is a perennial belonging to the lily family. Gray-green and blue-green strap-like leaves resemble clumps of grass. Jacob's rod creates an upright spike of star-shaped blossoms with six narrow petals. The spike is covered with bright yellow flowers. This flower grows 3 feet to 5 feet tall in full sun exposure sites.

Purple Allium

Purple allium (Allium aflatunense) is a 2 1/2- to 3-foot-tall perennial bulb. The narrow, green leaves are sword-shaped. Violet and pink, tiny star-shaped flowers cluster together in a sphere on top of an upright flower stalk. Purple allium does best when grown in full sunlight.

Sea Thrift

Sea thrift (Armeria maritima) is a perennial flower reaching 6 inches to 12 inches tall. Dark green mounds are made of grass-like leaves. Red, violet, white and pink blossoms form a globe-like flower head perched on top of an upright flower stem. The flower head is made up of tight clusters of tiny blossoms. Sea thrifts tolerate salty conditions.

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