How to Identify Chili Flowers


Chili pepper plants, known botanically as the Capsicum species, all produce flowers at the site that pepper fruits will develop after bloom. According to the University of California Los Angeles, there are hundreds of commonly cultivated pepper varieties that thrive in temperate and warm seasonal climates. Pepper plants bloom in the spring and summer followed by ripe pepper fruits in 35 to 65 days, depending on the cultivar.

Step 1

Look for small clusters of white flowers with pointed petals on green vegetative plants in the late spring and summer.

Step 2

Inspect the flowers for the number of petals, as pepper plants produce blooms with five or seven petals.

Step 3

Identify pepper blooms by the pale yellow-green or lime green stigma and stamen, and small dots on the white petals near the stamen end of the petal.

Step 4

Observe the length of bloom time on pepper plants, as the individual flowers tend to be short-lived, remaining fresh on the plant for one to three days at most.


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