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Miracle-Gro is a type of fertilizer that is dissolved into water and used to treat plants. This fertilizer is full of nutrients to aid healthy plant growth. While Miracle Grow is mostly a safe product to use, some exposure to Miracle-Gro can lead to irritation of the eyes and skin, mostly mild and not generally harmful.


Miracle-Gro contains 15 percent nitrogen, 30 percent phosphate and 15 percent potassium. This is an all-purpose type of fertilizer that provides adequate nutrients for most plants. Given that it dissolves in water, the fertilizer absorbs much more easily into the plants that are being watered with them. Miracle-Gro also contains boron, copper, iron and manganese.


The Miracle-Gro is used by scooping the blue granules and sprinkling a tablespoon into a watering can and then simply watering the plants. This box usually comes with a measuring cup to aid the gardener in adding the appropriate portion for the plants.


Miracle-Gro should be stored in a cool and dry area in a closed package. The container should be kept closed and should not be stored with another materials. This material should be kept out of the reach of children. In some states and local areas, there are often regulations regarding how Miracle-Gro should be disposed of.


Miracle-Gro can cause upper respiratory problems when the dust gets into the lungs. This can cause coughing and congestion. Those who get the dust in their eyes can experience irritation. However, most of the irritation caused by the fertilizer is mild. Those who get Miracle-Gro on their eyes or skin and experience irritation can alleviate this irritation by washing the area that was contacted.

Organic Use

Organic gardeners do not use products like Miracle-Gro because these products are byproducts of the process of creating petroleum and they are considered to be damaging to the plants by overwhelming the plant with nutrients. The organic gardeners also often explain how synthetic fertilizers like Miracle-Gro cause fertilizer runoff that can lead to problems such as algae blooms, which are destructive to the environment.

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