How to Find Mold on a Ginger Beer Plant


Ginger beer plant is a somewhat misleading. It is not a plant in any sense of the word but a carbonated, fermented alcoholic beverage made of ground ginger root or ginger powder, brown sugar, yeast and water. Other ingredients can be added to adjust the taste and texture of the beverage. Ginger beer plant should be fermented in air-tight conditions. If not, a thin layer of greenish mold can form on the surface of the liquid. This mold must be skimmed off before the ginger beer plant is bottled for final fermentation and eventual drinking.

Step 1

Check the fermenting vessel at the end of the first week to see if initial fermentation has begun. Look for bubbles near the surface, as well as a cloudy haze in the liquid. This indicates the yeast culture is interacting with the sugar to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol.

Step 2

Look for mold spores forming along the surface of the fermenting ginger beer plant. This growth will appear green and black, floating on the top of the fermenting ginger beer plant.

Step 3

Use the measuring scoop to skim the surface of the fermenting liquid, removing all mold.

Step 4

Seal the vessel tightly and continue to check for mold growth on the surface until ready to bottle. Skim off the mold before final bottling.

Tips and Warnings

  • Although no pathogens are known to survive in alcoholic drinks, consuming ginger beer plant with mold can cause an upset stomach and tastes bad, regardless.

Things You'll Need

  • Small plastic scoop, such as a measuring cup


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