Greenhouse Plant Growth


Understand greenhouse plant growth to maximize the benefit of building a greenhouse. A greenhouse can affect plant growth by providing a closed, protected environment. Because a greenhouse is a closed environment, some problems can occur, including greenhouse pests, diseases and a buildup of greenhouse gases.


Greenhouse plant growth usually appears as a lusher, greener, more pest-free crop. When plants are properly cared for in a greenhouse, fruit-bearing plants give more fruit per plant. Greenhouse plant growth can increase the length of the active blooming season of annual plants or delicate flowering plants like orchids.


Design affects the growing environment. A greenhouse must be designed to receive enough air and light for plants to grow while limiting environmental changes like humidity fluctuations, temperature fluctuations, pests and parasites. Greenhouse plant growth is best in greenhouses dedicated to and designed for one type of plant, as with commercial greenhouse crops.


Greenhouse grown plants can be planted in the ground, in a soil container, in a self-watering container or in a hydroponic system. With a greenhouse, plants will often use less water and achieve more growth. Types of watering techniques in a greenhouse include hand watering, sprinkler watering, hydroponics and self-watering containers.


Get rid of greenhouse-invading pests with beneficial insects. Greenhouse pests that can affect plant growth include whitefly, aphids and beetles; friendly insects can kill greenhouse pests. Find out the natural enemy of the pest in your greenhouse and release it inside.

Greenhouse Gas

In a closed-system greenhouse, gases can build up that affect plant growth. Flowers are particularly susceptible to growth problems due to greenhouse gas buildup. If greenhouse flowers begin wilting or dropping leaves, the greenhouse may have an excess of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

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