How to Use Fishing Line for Climbing Plants


Climbing plants can add vertical dimension to a garden, decorate a wall or add an interesting wall accent to a room in your home. And there is no need to mount a trellis or sacrifice your wall to the marks climbing plants leave behind. Climbing plants like autumn clematis and moon flower can easily be trained to climb up simple fishing wire. Not only does this save money on other, more expensive supports, but it creates the illusion that your climbing vines are floating in midair.

Step 1

Mount the screw hook to the ceiling, roof overhand or other support located directly above your climbing plant.

Step 2

Measure a length of fishing line that reaches from the hook to the top of your climbing plant. Add 4 inches then cut.

Step 3

Tie one end of your fishing line to the hook and the other end of the line to the washer. When the line hangs, it should just touch the top of the climbing plant.

Step 4

Watch the climbing plant climb up the fishing line. The plant can detect its presence above it and will begin to climb it as it grows.

Things You'll Need

  • 20 lb. test fishing line
  • Heavy-weight screw hook
  • Scissors
  • Washer


  • Plant Fanatics: Guiding Climbing Plants
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