Sod Installation Benefits

A well-manicured lawn provides many benefits, including erosion and runoff control, allergen reduction, and cooling effects. Two ways to go about adding lawn to an outdoor space, seeding and laying sod, each have their advantages. When deciding which is best for your situation, consider three factors: the variety of turf grass desired, the site preparation needed and the amount of care you are willing to invest.

Instant Lawn

Sod saves time. Whereas seeding and nurturing grass until maturity often takes a few years, laying sod allows you to transform bare soil into a mature lawn in just a few hours. Sod quickly provides a soft, safe, welcoming outdoor living space. And a lush green lawn adds value to a home.

Less Work

Installing sod, which has already been tended and brought to maturity, is less labor-intensive than planting a lawn from seed and caring for it during the critical first years.


Sod adapts to most type of soil and may be installed any time of the year the ground can be tilled. Sod can be placed on steep slopes where rain would wash away grass seed before it could take root.


About two weeks after installation, sod is ready for full use. Sod withstands heavy traffic and lawn games. To get the best sod possible, however, make sure you purchase fresh sod, which should be cut no more than 24 hours prior to its delivery. Once it is delivered, install it as soon as possible.

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