How to Kill Garden Moles


Moles are voracious carnivores. The appetites of a mole enjoy garden delicacies of earthworms, grubs and some ground dwelling insects. In some cases signs from moles may indicate an extremely healthy garden site in which earthworms thrive. Elimination of the ground dwelling mammals will help in keeping the benefits from earthworms at their maximum. Perhaps the best method for killing moles is through the use of a harpoon trap, which is easily set on the moles underground passageways.

Step 1

Identify the moles underground tunnels. These raised soil identifiers are best located on early morning inspections of the garden. The soil must be moist for the mole to travel to the upper levels of the garden.

Step 2

Stomp down all mole tunnels with your foot, which will cause the mole to reconstruct and identify which tunnels the underground mammal uses the most.

Step 3

Set the harpoon trap the following morning as early as possible because the mole will only use the main tunnel system after the tunnels have been stomped down. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for actually setting the harpoon trap. While the traps are similar, there may be differences in the spring mechanism.

Step 4

Inspect the trap often during the day. Generally the mole will travel the tunnel system during the night. Another animal or bird may accidentally trip the harpoon trap. Make sure the mechanism is set and ready.

Step 5

Check the trap the following morning. Remove any mole that has been caught.

Step 6

Stomp down all tunnels. Inspect the area the next morning. While moles are solitary animals, there may be more than one mole in the garden.

Step 7

Reset the trap on any tunnels that have emerged the next morning.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep children and pets away from moles traps. Many use a spring mechanism in which small fingers and pets' noses may get caught in the mechanism when accidentally tripped.

Things You'll Need

  • Harpoon mole trap


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