How to Preserve a Bridal Bouquet


A dried bridal bouquet lasts for generations, if thoroughly dried and not subject to humidity. For best results, have the bridal bouquet professionally freeze-dried. If you'd rather not spend the money, dry the bouquet at home. One way to dry flowers is to use a desiccant, such as silica gel or a borax mixture. This is not an ideal method for drying a bouquet, as the arrangement needs to be taken apart prior to drying and then reassembled, because the flowers can't be touching during the process. Hang drying is the preferred home drying method which keeps the bouquet intact.

Step 1

Attach the bottom of the bridal bouquet to the bottom center of the clothes hanger, using the clothespin. The bouquet should be hanging upside down under the clothes hanger.

Step 2

Hang the clothes hanger in a warm, dark, dry location. Hook the hanger over a curtain rod, hook in the ceiling or another suitable protrusion. Don't hang in a damp attic or basement.

Step 3

Check the flowers periodically. It should take two to three weeks for the flowers to dry. They should be crisp, not brittle.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothes hanger
  • Clothespin


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