Garden Ideas

Gardens are an escape into the realm of nature where flowers, sprawling shrubs and vibrant foliage dominate the setting. Garden spaces should create a sense that you are on vacation, but within the confines of your very own home. To create your very own getaway, fill the garden with meandering paths that connect you through the landscape. Gardens are not complete without some sort of water feature to create sweet music all year long.

Vine-Covered Pergola

Create a backyard oasis with a vine-covered pergola. Pergolas are made in many sizes to fit into any size garden and are the ideal spot for outdoor living and dining. Nestle the pergola alongside the garden as a cozy respite after working in the garden. For a shaded retreat, cover the pergola with a flowering, fast-growing vine like wisteria, bougainvillea or moonflowers. All three vines have bright blossoms that will have the pergola covered in no time. Plant the vines at the base of the pergola to creep up and over the structure. Vines have a natural tendency to grow toward the sun so you can have fun watching them grow and evolve. Beginning in spring, wisteria blooms emerge for a fragrant garden oasis. Dripping over the pergola, your garden space becomes your own private oasis. Add a patio set under the pergola to use for dining. Sit, back, relax and watch the garden grow.

Garden Path

Garden paths help to connect the garden to other areas of the yard and are striking meandering within the garden. A strong and durable material to use for the garden path is flagstone. Flagstone is weather-resistant to create a long-lasting garden path and one that contrasts with the surrounding flowers. The colors in flagstone are brilliant with shades of browns, tans, grays and blues, and when wet from watering or after a hard rain, deepen to jewel-like shades. To create the garden path, lay the flagstone down so that it's wide enough for a simple walking and gardening path, at least 2 feet wide. This allows easy access for gardening equipment like wheelbarrows. Along the garden path, flank the stones with colorful blooms and low-growing creeping vines. Scented herbs like lavender and thyme when brushed as you walk by permeate the air with their aromatic scent for a relaxing garden experience.

Water Fountain

Among the garden, nestle a cascading water fountain. Water fountains add a soothing sound to the garden for a cooling effect to the landscape. There are many types of water features to choose from that fit into any size space. Container water features are ideal in a average-sized garden because they can be situated among the flowers without detracting from the blooms and foliage. Water containers are often glazed in attractive colors to create a classic addition to the garden. They are also available in many shapes and heights. Around the garden fountain, plant water-loving plants like ferns and hostas. These vibrant green plants benefit from the water sprays and add a lush look around the feature.

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