How to Plant an Almond Tree From a Seed


Almonds are high in protein and minerals--100 grams of almonds have 19 grams of protein and 50 percent of your recommended daily allowance of iron, according to the University of Georgia--and can be grown in USDA hardiness zones 7 through 9. Though started almond trees can be bought as seedlings from many nurseries, it's often cheaper to plant the tree as a raw almond nut.

Step 1

Get a raw, untreated almond nut that still has its shell. Such nuts can often be bought from health food stores and specialty nurseries.

Step 2

Fill a container with water. Drop the almond nut inside the water and let it soak for 48 hours. This helps prepare the nut for germination. Change the water halfway through the soaking time.

Step 3

Prepare a gallon-sized plant pot while you're waiting for the nut to soak. If it doesn't have drainage holes at the bottom, pour in an inch of gravel. Top off the pot with garden loam or standard potting soil.

Step 4

Crack the almond nut open to reveal the kernel inside. Sink it just below the surface of the soil. Use your fingers to crack it, since the shell will be soft. Alternatively, use a nut cracker, being careful to avoid chipping the kernel itself.

Step 5

Water the pot twice a day or as needed to keep the soil moist. Place the pot near a sunny window to warm it. The almond nut will typically germinate within two to three weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Raw almond nut
  • Container
  • Water
  • Pot
  • Gravel
  • Garden loam or potting soil
  • Nut cracker


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  • University of California: Almond Varieties
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