What Are the Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

Promoting a dense, healthy lawn with rich-green blades requires ample attention and care. Outside of the regular watering and mowing schedule, a healthy lawn requires defense from weed invaders, a generous feeding schedule and good air circulation. Aerating and dethatching the lawn reinforces the regular care and maintenance schedule. Although the aerating process is completed only once every year, the benefits can be seen throughout the growing season.

Air Circulation

Aerating the lawn involves removing the excess lawn debris from the surface just under the blade but above the soil level. As this debris accumulates, it prevents the lawn's root system from obtaining good air circulation. Like trees and plants, grass requires this circulation for healthy cell development. Lawns that lack it often appear dull and without color and luster. With regular aeration, the lawn receives a continuous supply of oxygen that improves the overall development. The root system becomes stronger and better able to process nutrients. This enhanced circulation results in a richer, more vibrant lawn with improved blade resiliency.

Sunlight, Water and Nutrients

Along with improved air circulation, lawn aeration improves the lawn's ability to absorb and use sunlight, water and nutrients. Before the lawn is aerated, the excess debris will prevent absorption. Once the lawn is aerated, sunlight can easily penetrate the surface of the lawn and reach its roots. Water and nutrients that are provided can then be easily absorbed by the root system. The water retention of the root system is improved and the need for constant irrigation is reduced.

Weed Invasion

Lawn aeration not only improves the air circulation and penetration of the required nutrients, it promotes vigorous lawn growth. A vigorously growing lawn will easily crowd out invading weeds, preventing germination and establishment. Though weeds will not be completed eliminated by a dense, vigorous lawn, the potential for an invasion is reduced.

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