How to Find Coarse Horticultural Vermiculite


In the course of planning your garden, you may decide that you would like to locate some coarse horticultural vermiculite. While you may not be able to find it in big-box stores as of February 2010, you can still order it from garden supply specialists. It can also be obtained from some farm supply stores, or via several suppliers on the Internet. You should be aware that there is some controversial history regarding this product, however, and you may wish to research further before deciding that coarse horticultural vermiculite is right for your project.

Step 1

Visit your local garden supply center to see if it stocks coarse horticultural vermiculite. If they do not, ask if they can place a special order for it.

Step 2

Visit your local farm supply store to see if they stock it. If they do, it will likely be in a very large amount. Make sure you can fit a 25-pound or larger bag in your vehicle before proceeding.

Step 3

Check online farm vendors, such as Home Harvest Garden Supply and 7 Springs Farm Catalog. These are only suggestions--if you have a favorite online farm catalog, check to see if it carries this product or can order it for you.

Tips and Warnings

  • In July 2009, the White House issued a Public Health Emergency regarding the closed W.R. Grace vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana, that sparked the original vermiculite/asbestos controversy. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry's findings, vermiculite miners were not the only ones affected by asbestos exposure. Symptoms were found in as little as 10 years. One company that sells coarse horticultural vermiculite is Schundler Company. Because this product has a controversial history and has been linked with asbestos, you may wish to do some research before deciding if it is right for you. You should be aware that several vermiculite-specific websites that state that vermiculite is perfectly safe are all owned by Schundler Company and may not be completely objective. As of February 2010,,, and are all domains owned by Schundler. You may wish to do your research elsewhere before reaching an objective decision on whether coarse horticultural vermiculite is right for your garden and your family.


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Who Can Help

  • Home Harvest Garden Supply
  • 7 Springs Farm
  • Vermiculite: Schundler Company Overview
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