How Do I Ripen Avocados?


Press an avocado gently to determine if it is ripe. Overripe avocados are very soft and will typically be brown inside when cut open. Ideally, the avocado will gently give when pressed with a finger. Harvested while still hard and firm, avocados take a week or more to ripen. If taken from the tree too early, the avocado will never ripen or become soft. It is possible to accelerate the ripening of a properly harvested avocado, enabling you to use it sooner.

Step 1

Place the hard avocados in a brown paper lunch sack and fold the top of the sack closed.

Step 2

Set the bag in a drawer, pantry or cupboard in the kitchen. Avocados will ripen at normal room temperatures, but keeping them in a bag or dark location will speed the process.

Step 3

Check the avocado each day. Once ripened, use the avocado immediately. Failure to check the avocado daily may result in an over-ripe and ruined fruit.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper lunch sack


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