Pros About Turfgrass

Turfgrass is a thick, hardy variety of grass used for everything from golf courses to football stadiums. Modern turfgrass is bred and grown specifically to the various regions where it will be planted. Turfgrasses are typically available in seeds and sod for planting.

Drought Resistant

Turfgrass is an excellent choice for those in the desert states such as Arizona, as most varieties are highly drought resistant. This does not mean the grass will not require some watering, but it will be minimal, usually twice a week. Even better, because of its drought resistance, a lawn left unwatered for extended periods, such as a week while the homeowner is gone on vacation, will not die off.

Thrives in Full Sun

Turfgrass is at its greenest and fullest in full sunlight. Even the hottest afternoon sun acts as a stimulant to turfgrass, increasing its growth and aiding it in producing even more runners. This advantage is especially appreciated by the many golf courses across the country that utilize turf to keep their hills green and lovely.

Weed Resistant

With its thick carpeting, turfgrass is resistant to weeds and moss. In fact, most turfgrasses are so thick that they choke out all other plants that attempt to reach the grasses' surface. In order to maintain the thick, healthy carpet, turfgrass should be fertilized twice each year, in the spring and the fall, to maximize its growth during the hot summer and provide it some nutrient storage for the winter.

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