What Flowers Are Best for Weddings in June?

"April showers bring May flowers," the old Spring saying goes. Those May flowers and other then bloom through the summer months, making finding in-season flowers for a June wedding relatively easy, as the selection is so large.


Although roses can be had all year round owing to their popularity as a token of love, roses are originally summer flowers. Since roses come in so many shades from the elegant white to the more traditional deep red to playful peaches and lavenders, they can suit a wide variety of wedding formalities and styles.


If you are a fan of irises, they are still blooming in June, even though they start in the Spring. Irises, due to their unusual shape compared to other, rounder flowers, can make a very striking arrangement.

Gerbera Daisies

Daisies lend a gentle charm where they are used and universally convey feelings of spring and summer in ways other flowers don't. At a semi-formal or casual summer wedding, especially one that takes place outdoors, the gerbera daisy is a good option.


Delphiniums, also known as larkspur, are summer flowers that, like irises, can make for an interesting display due to their shape. Delphiniums grow in a vertical column, with very close blooms. Linear flower arrangements, as opposed to round ones, best highlight the delphinium's shape.


There are many forms of columbine, and in different colors, but they are all generally bell-shaped and bloom in the summer months. Although they are not as traditional as roses, they can still be elegant in arrangements.


Lavender is a very fragrant choice of flower to use for a wedding floral arrangement. The vertical stems lend themselves naturally to a more linear display as opposed to a rounder one, but also can be used to break up a rounder arrangement, providing visual interest.

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