How to Create a Moss Lawn


You've tried planting grass in your yard, but it never seems to grow. To make matters worse, you've been fighting what seems like a losing battle with moss, and are finally ready to just give up. Before rocking or paving your infertile yard, consider creating a moss lawn instead. Moss prefers shade and nutrient-poor soil and requires far less water than grass. It comes in many colors including green, red and white and is very easy to grow.

Step 1

Plan the lawn. With a variety of colors and textures to choose from, moss gardens can be planned to create many beautiful designs, including checker boards, trails and circles. Map out your desired design and decide which colors of moss will be required to fulfill your vision.

Step 2

Set up the basics. Moss is a slippery plant, so be sure to place stepping stones in the garden for admirers to use when they walk through the yard. Stepping stones will also ensure that your moss is not trod upon to the point of thinning.

Step 3

Obtain moss. Moss mats in various species and colors are available for purchase online. Alternatively, look around your neighbourhood and gather pieces of mosses that you find attractive.

Step 4

Plant the garden. Water the ground before placing the moss mats into position. Set the mats in place and water again. Keep the moss moist to encourage growth and preserve a healthy appearance.

Step 5

Maintain the yard. Keeping your overall design in mind, pull back any moss that grows into areas that were meant for other colors. On average, a moss lawn will take six to eight months to fill in completely, so be patient.

Things You'll Need

  • Stepping stones
  • Moss mats


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