How to Remove Japanese Beetles from Rosebushes


Rosebushes contain perennial flowers in a variety of beautiful colors. The stems of these flowers contain small prickles. One of the wonderful things about rosebushes is the pleasant fragrance that they emit. This fragrance is not only desirable for humans, but for insects as well. One insect that attacks the rosebush is the Japanese beetle. If the Japanese beetles are not killed, they will eventually cause the roses to die off. Luckily there are several methods you can use to remove them from your bushes.

Step 1

Spray nematodes in the soil around your rosebushes. Nematodes are tiny roundworms that eat insects like the Japanese beetle. The nematodes won't harm your rosebushes, but they will kill the beetles for you. You can get a package of nematodes at your local garden center. Follow the directions on how much water to mix with them, and then spray them near your rosebushes.

Step 2

Make a bucket of soapy water by adding 1/8 cup of dish soap to a gallon of hot water.

Step 3

Put on a pair of gardening gloves. Rosebushes have little thorns that can prick your fingers and cause them to bleed, and the gloves will prevent this from happening.

Step 4

Pick the Japanese beetles off of the rosebushes in the morning when the dew has weighted down the beetles' wings.

Step 5

Place the Japanese beetles in the bucket of soapy water. They will die due to drowning.

Step 6

Spray an insecticide that contains the ingredient rotenone over the rosebush. You will need to utilize this method if you have a large infestation of Japanese beetles on your rosebushes. Make sure you wear a mask and gloves when you are handling and dispersing the insecticide.

Tips and Warnings

  • The insecticide will also kill any other insects in the area, so use it with caution.

Things You'll Need

  • Nematodes
  • Bucket
  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Gardening gloves
  • Insecticide containing rotenone


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