How to Plant Lawn Grass


Plant lawn grass in just a few steps after the big jobs of grading and installing irrigation are complete. Determine what type of lawn grass you want to plant. There are warm and cold season grasses, grasses with fine blades and those with coarse blades. Some grasses hold up better to traffic, so how you plan to use your lawn is a factor in the type of seed you choose. Seed a new lawn in the spring or the fall.

Step 1

Dig into the top 3 inches of soil using the gardening fork. Turn the soil and break up any large clods of dirt. Remove any debris, such as rocks and old roots, from the planting area.

Step 2

Amend the soil if you have heavy, clay soil. Add 3 inches of compost and 3 inches of very coarse sand to the soil and mixing it in to a depth of 8 inches.

Step 3

Level the area with the rake, removing any hills or depressions in the soil. Get it as flat as you can.

Step 4

Set the broadcast seeder for the correct application rate. You will find rate information on the seed bag. Application rates vary by seed type.

Step 5

Pour a mixture of half seed, half sand into the broadcast spreader. Sow the seed, walking in north to south strips, cranking the handle on the spreader as you go. Add the remaining seed and sand to the spreader and sow it in a 90 degree angle to the first application.

Step 6

Drag the rake lightly across the planting bed so that the seeds are covered by 1/4 inch of soil.

Step 7

Water the area well, using the fine mist setting on the hose. Keep the area moist until the lawn is established, which should be within one month of germination. Do not allow the soil to dry out during germination.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening fork
  • Rake
  • Compost
  • Coarse sand
  • Broadcast seeder


  • University of Illinois Extension: Soil and Site Preparation for Lawns

Who Can Help

  • Colorado State University Extension: Lawn Care
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